Yours truly working in the amazing Camac studio space.

A series of drawings made from rubbings of tombstones in the Marnay cemetery

​​A Camac, Mary Crenshaw réalise des collages à partir de photographies anciennes. Photographies, pienture, dessin, écritures, traces de grattage, ajouts de scotch, son autant de marques sur ces collages qui lui permettent de traiter des questions d'identité personnelle, des migrations et notamment de la perception de son identité lorsque l'on vit dans un autre pays. Elle débute aussi une recherche sur les tombes du cimetières de Marnay-sur-Seine et notamment sur les inscriptions, à partir desquelles elle réalise des designs et grattages.

In 1993, the two artists Alexandra Keim and Lilian Domec meet in the streets of Stockholm. A special friendship develops between them and Lilian invites the young Canadian to stay with her in the little village of Marnay-sur-Seine where she lives half the year. There, Alexandra has the idea of creating an art centre where artists from the whole world would come to create new work far from the turmoils of everyday life. A place for creation but also for dissemination through exciting and original public events. The two friends therefore decide to present the project to Marnay’s mayor who happens to be Frank Ténot, grand figure of the French publishing and music world. The creator of French cult music magazines such as ‘Salut Les Copains and ‘Jazz Magazine’ sees the project as an opportunity to revive the ancient priory of Marnay which was also the home of his ‘alter-ego’ and collaborator Daniel Fillipacchi. In the 60s the house was host to some of the great musicians of the era and French stars including Duke Ellington and Johnny Hallyday.

Above is some work I completed while at Camac, where a month of uninterrupted time to focus on my practice proved to be very productive. Celebrating Bastille Day with the Marnay locals,  jumping into the cold waters of the Seine with fellow artists, nights of playing telephone pictionary, and impromptu studio visits were only a few of our improvised activities. 

Found remains of cardboard box