When trying to fathom my lifetime infatuation with smearing, spreading, drizzling, rubbing, and daubing paint onto surfaces, I discovered that Bataille believed that the mark is an ingrained manifestation of defacing that is both spiritual and obscene. Examples of marks are: graffiti, make-up, tattoos, illuminated manuscripts, and cave paintings. This discovery shed an entirely new light on my painting practice.
My current work addresses the flux of migrants in Italy, my adopted country of residence. Migrants live in Italian cities, yet they remain marginal, panhandling for spare change and not being allowed to mix as proper citizens. These young, enthusiastic, able-bodied people are forbidden to hold jobs, finding themselves in limbo. In my recent paintings, the imagery of home and its comforting surroundings is my point of departure, where stability is upended and ideals are questioned and put to the test.