My work celebrates the imperfection and messiness of human existence. Instinct, chance, and materials are the forces that drive me. I embrace clumsiness and flaws. I leave the rawness of the paint because it does very interesting things on its own.


Currently, while addressing concepts of dislocation, I use cartoonish body parts to inject comic relief into this sober subject matter. 



BFA Painting and Printmaking, Virginia Commonwealth University
MFA Lesley University College of Art and Design
DFA University of East London


Selected One-Person Shows

2023   Shipwreck, Prince Street Gallery, New York (upcoming)

2021   Installation, La Casa Abbandonata, Avellino
2020  Tanti Saluti! CICA Museum, Gimpo-Si, South Korea
2019   Desirable Residence, Poplar Union, London
2018   Viva Exhibition, University of East London
            Spiccioli/ Spare Change, Spazio Arte, Fara D'Adda, Milan
2010   Celebrating Green, DeBerry Gallery, University of North Carolina,
            Chapel Hill, NC.
2008  Leaves, La Galleria di Francesca Castelli , Modena.
           Grazie della Vita, Castello Borromeo, Corneliano Bertario, Milan.
2007  Quadri da Indossare, AP gallery, Milan.
2006  Natura e Fibre, Spazio 4, Milan.
2003  Paesaggi, La Galleria di Francesca Castelli, Modena.
2002  Lavori Nuovi, Castello Borromeo, Corneliano Bertario.
1999   Paintings, The John and Seymour Rennolds Gallery

           St. Catherine’s School, Richmond, VA. 1998 Work on Paper,
           American Consulate, Milan.
1997   Luoghi Immaginati, Galleria Il Punto A Cassano D'Adda, Milan


Selected Group Shows
2022  Astadarte, Gate 44, Milan

2022 1200 Postcards, Hastings, UK 

2022 Ensemble, Together Again,  The Painting Center, New York

2021  Group Show, Shrine, New York, online

2021  Cladogram, Katonah Museum Biennial, New York

2021  Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love, The Painting Center, New York
2020 Incipit, Gate 44, Milan
2020  A World without End, No barking Art, London
2020  PassaggiAtina, Hartslane Gallery, London
2019  Abstract Mind, CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, South Korea
2018  Natura Madre, Castello Borromeo, Corneliano Bertario
          At Home in Bow, The Apartment, Bow Arts, London
2017  A Titolo d'Ingresso, Spazio Arte, Fare D'Adda, Milan
2016  Clandestina, Silmar Contemporary, Milan
          Stanze, Palazzo Arcivescovile, Gropello D'Adda, Milan
          Showcase, AVA Gallery, University of East London
2015  15/18, Castello Borromeo, Corneliano Bertario, Milan
          Warehouse XI " Reclassified", Cambridge, MA.
          Wish You Were Here, A.I.R. Gallery, New York
          Open Studios, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT.
2014 Thirst, Bedlam Gallery, Brunel University, London
         Generations, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY.
         Art Workplace, Segreen, Milan
         Arte di fare dei Libri, Arte su Carte, Modena
2013 Deciphering Identity, Jewett Gallery, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA.
          Io Sto per Topolo, Galleria L'Affiche, Milan.
2012  Vasili Arkhipov: The Man Who Saved the World, Boston, MA.
          Boston Young Contemporaries, 808 Gallery, Boston University, Boston, MA.
2011   C’è Un Disegno per Milano, Galleria L'Affiche, Milan.
          Leggere non Leggere, Derbylius, Milan.
          Artisti per la Salute, Derbylius, Milan.
          Open Exhibition, Studio 106, London.
          Food for Thought, The Gallery at Willesden Green, London. Gallery Artists, Galleria L'Image, Rome.
2008 In Città, La Galleria di Francesca Castelli, Modena. 2007 Free, Five Years, London
          Post It Show, Another Roadside Attraction, London. 2006 Peer Esteem, Five Years, London.
2005 La Neve, Castello Borromeo, Milan
2003 The Universe, ADA Gallery, Richmond, VA.
1999  Grand Cru, Galleria L'Affiche, Milan.


Public Collections

CICA Museum, South Korea
Brunel University, London 
Comune di Truccazzano, Milan
Istituto dei Tumori, Milan 


DeJorio Ltd, Genoa
Interiors, Tokyo, Japan

Azienda Agricola Bellaria, Avellino


Residencies and Fellowships

2022 PassaggiAtina, upcoming, Atina, Italy
2019  PassaggiAtina residency, Atina, Italy
2017  Fellow Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists
2016  CAMAC, Marnay-Sur-Seine, France (Fondation Ténot grant)
2015  Vermont Studio Center (merit scholarship)
2013  The League at Vyt, Sparkill, New York (merit scholarship)


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Lesley University, Boston, MA.
2016 Stefano Crippa "Le Stanze". catalog (Milan)
2017 "Living Language" Interview with Kim Catley, St. Catherine's Now, Summer 17, Vol. 75 No.2 
Crippa, Stefano "Recent Work Mary Crenshaw"
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